doplňková kapsa a úschova ~ TravelBelt / RunPack

Capsule Mini

doplňková kapsa a úschova ~ TravelBelt / RunPack


XEN Equipment

small bag for storing the Orbiter TravelBelt, also serves as an additional pocket (TravelBelt / RunPack) Více

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Capsule Mini UNI Skladem 15,42

Quick overview

Small Capsule Mini Bag. You can buy it separately as an extra pocket for your Orbiter RunPack. Already included with the Orbiter TravelBelt. 


You can attach it as an additional pouch to our Orbiter RunPack or TravelBelt. You can store your goggles, windbreaker, hat, gloves, etc. in it. For that matter, you can have up to two of these capsules on each of these Orbiters. Primarily, the Capsule Mini is storage for keeping your TravelBelt on the go, but if you own an Orbiter TravelBelt, you already have a Capsule Mini. Beware, you can't get the Orbiter RunPack into this capsule. The Capsule serves as an enclosed storage compartment to protect your gear from dirt, mud or sand. Caution, it is not waterproof. On your chosen Orbiter, the capsule fits under the Cross-cord lacing. The capsule has a very tight closure, nothing will fall out, ever.

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    • TravelBelt practically packed for the road

    • An additional pocket that you can quickly use when you run out the storage space of your RunPack or TravelBelt

    • The capsule is created with a firm fixation within the Cross-cord system, so it never falls off

Technická specifikace


  • 100 % PES

Care instructions

Údržba produktu

  • washable up to 30°C
  • the product must not be dry cleaned
  • the product must not be ironed
  • the product must not be bleached
  • the product must not be tumble dried

Package content

  • 1x pouch Capsule Mini




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